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Susanne Kaufmann Body Gel refreshing 100ml

Its soothing and moisturizing herbal ingredients protect and improve your skin type. Its special f..

Susanne Kaufmann Body Lotion 250ml

The Susanne Kaufmann body lotion nourishes the skin with precious essences of camomile, sage, St. ..

Susanne Kaufmann Body Oil 100 ml

The Susanne Kaufmann body oil with marigold oil, rosehip seed oil and extract derived from St. Joh..

Susanne Kaufmann Body Scrub 200 ml

The Susanne Kaufmann body scrub removes dead skin and invigorates the body in a gentle and pleasan..

Susanne Kaufmann Deo Stick 75 gr

The Susanne Kaufmann deodorant stick is an effective organic deodorant. It is free of aluminium sa..

Susanne Kaufmann Detox Oil Peel 200 ml

The detox oil scrub stimulates the detoxification process and improves blood circulation. High-qua..

Susanne Kaufmann Foot Cream cooling 200 ml

The Susanne Kaufmann foot cream cooling nourishes and pampers the feet with a marigold extract. Na..

Susanne Kaufmann Hand Lotion 30 ml

The light Susanne Kaufmann hand lotion contains nourishing ingredients of mallow, witch hazel and ..

Susanne Kaufmann Hand Soap 250 ml

The Susanne Kaufmann hand soap cleans gently and protectively without drying out the hands. Valuab..

Susanne Kaufmann Herbal Whey Bath nourishing 300 gr

The Susanne Kaufmann herbal whey bath nourishing with active ingredients derived from lime blossom..

Susanne Kaufmann Leg and Vein Spray cooling 75 ml

The Susanne Kaufmann leg and vein spray cooling is an immediate measure against tired feet and leg..

Susanne Kaufmann Line M Deo Stick 75gr

The Susanne Kaufmann deodorant stick Line M is an effective organic deodorant. It is free of alumi..

Susanne Kaufmann Lip Balm

The Susanne Kaufmann lip balm made from plant-based active ingredients and fine beeswax provi..

Susanne Kaufmann Nail Oil nourishing 10 ml

The nail oil nourishing strengthens brittle nails. A highly effective combination of oils hardens ..

Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath Winter 250 ml

The Susanne Kaufmann oil bath winter derived from cinnamon, clove and orange oils, is a ..
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