A new expression of Tuberose with an unexpected Coffee Espresso Accord...

«He had received a mysterious invitation to Venice just a few days after that unforgettable night. He was wondering what this was all about, then he recognized “Café Tuberosa”. There she was, staring at him. Suddenly it was clear. In a moment they would have the chance to start over again.»

A Cologne Absolue celebrates the elegance of citruses, the traditionalingredients of a cologne. For the first time, citruses are blended with themost precious raw materials in perfumery for perfectly balanced creations withoutstanding lasting power thanks o very high concentration of essential oils.

Size 200ml Cologne Absolue concentrated at 18%
Ingredients Notes: bergamot from Calabria, tangerine from Sicily, cardamom from Guatemala, tuberose from India, Damascena rose absolue, coffee espresso accord, patchouli from Indonesia, vanilla from Madagascar, Ivory Coast cacao absolue.

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