Molton Brown

Over the decades Molton Brown built up a reputation for being London's bath, body and beauty connoisseurs. The perfumes, shower gels, body lotions, candles and hand care products blend exotic ingredients with a touch of London eccentricity for bold fragrances and bright colours that stand out on the shelf. You'll now find Molton Brown in five-star hotels, stylish homes and high-end department stores across the world and yet each product is still blended in London, Molto Brown's home since 1973.

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Molton Brown A Extra-rich Bai Ji Hydrator

Give your dry skin a hit of intense hydration - an extra-rich moisturiser for men blended with bai j..

Molton Brown A Ultra-light Bai Ji Hydrator

This lightweight moisturiser for men is blended with bai ji and lentil seed extracts to hydrate norm..

Molton Brown A Vitamin Lipsaver

A hydrating, moisturising lip balm with vitamin E and beeswax to soothe dry lips for the most comfor..

Molton Brown African Whitewood Balancing Face Wash

A balancing face wash for normal to oily skin blended with extracts of African whitewood to combat e..

Molton Brown African Whitewood Moisture-rich Shaving Soap

A moisturising soap blended with coconut oil to prep skin for a clean shave -an ideal grooming gift ..

Molton Brown African Whitewood Moisture-rich Shaving Soap in a bowl

A moisturising soap blended with coconut oil to prep skin for a clean shave, placed within a slick, ..

Molton Brown African Whitewood Razor-glide Shaving Gel

A luxurious shaving gel blended with notes of mandarin and African whitewood extract to combat shine..

Molton Brown American Barley Post-shave Recovery Balm

A handsome post-shave recovery balm blended with barley extract with notes of sandalwood and musk to..

Molton Brown American Barley Skin-calm Shaving Cream

A shaving cream for sensitive skin with barley extract to calm and prep the skin for hassle-free gro..

Molton Brown Anti-fatigue Bai Ji Eye Gel

A cooling under-eye gel blended with bai ji and algae extracts to energise tired eyes. With bai ji e..

Molton Brown Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Hand Lotion

Hydrate hands with, blustering marine notes of Australian sea fennel and salted cypress in a moistur..

Molton Brown Coco & Sandalwood Home & Linen Mist

Instill the air with our comforting home and linen mist, blended with creamy coconut, uplifting ja..

Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Fine Liquid Hand Wash

A deliciously scented hand wash enriched with tart rhubarb, rose extract and a citrusy twist of grap..

Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Hand Cream

An instantly absorbed luxury hand cream imbued with rhubarb leaf, moisturising rose and citrus notes..

Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Hand Lotion

A nourishing hand lotion refined with the zesty fizz of rhubarb, gentle rose and a twist of grapefru..

Molton Brown Fiery Pink Pepper Body Lotion

Formerly known as Pink Pepperpod. Warm your senses with spicy pink pepper, ginger and rich patcho..

Molton Brown Fiery Pink Pepper Pampering Body Polisher

A body scrub with spicy-sweet aromas and exfoliating bamboo that polishes your skin, refining and ..

Molton Brown Geranium Nefertum Bath & Shower Gel

Plunge yourself into the mysterious allure of this empowering bath and shower gel, embodying notes o..

Molton Brown Geranium Nefertum Body Lotion

Discover the empowering allure of this full-size body lotion, in a fragrance comprising fig leaf and..

Molton Brown Gingerlily Home & Linen Mist

Enjoy this most exotic blend in a home and linen mist blended with sweet cardamom, lily and sandalwo..

Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily Body Lotion

Formerly known as Gingerlily. Nourish skin with this moisturising body lotion, enriched with warm..

Molton Brown Jasmine & Sun Rose Body Lotion

Moisturise and scent skin with captivating aromas in this body lotion featuring floral jasmine, ro..

Molton Brown Lime & Patchouli Hand Lotion

An enriching hand lotion blended with patchouli and lime leaf extract- a natural deodoriser.London v..

Molton Brown Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold Bath & Shower Gel

Bathe in luxury with precious oudh infused with real 24 carat gold flakes in this mesmerising bath a..

Molton Brown Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold Body Lotion

Experience true luxury with rich oudh, myrrh and cinnamon leaf in this mesmerising body lotion.Londo..
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