Lubin Paris

If you like your products weighted with historical significance, how about a perfume house that created perfumes for Empress Joséphine Bonapart, Tsar Alexander I and Princess Grace of Monaco? Founded by Pierre Lubin just after the French revolution in 1789, he and his creations soon became the darlings of the Napoleonic Court and became THE perfume to wear across Europe.

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Lubin AKKAD 100ml

Akkad is a luminous amber perfume, mystical but also sensual, a descent into the profane pleasur..

Lubin Kismet 100ml

“Folly!” That’s how the elderly owner of the Lubin Perfume House, Monsieur Paul Prot, described ..

Lubin Kismet 50ml


Lubin KORRIGAN 100ml

Korrigan is less harmless than it looks. This caramel wood is no perfume from childhood; it is a s..
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