The Luxury of Light and Air. Finely scented candles, Noble perfumes and other home perfumesystems turn the most modest of rooms into an elegant salon. It is a mere breaththat effuses from the flame of a finely scented candle, so delicate that no onetalks of a smell. One whispers only of an atmosphere. Nothing decorates a roommore discreetly than a scent. Each room becomes an experience and creates aparticular mood. Nothing makes a room more familiar and comfortable as a scent.

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aesop Jet Set Kit

Four in-flight essentials for hair and body. Keep this kit close to hand to maintain impeccable upke..

Aesop post-Poo Drops 100ml

An aromatic botanical bathroom deodoriser to combat the malodorous. ..

Aesop Toothpaste 60ml

Distinctively flavoured toothpaste to effectively clean teeth and gums. A fluoride-free formulatio..

Byredo Room Spray Cotton Poplin 250ml

85.00€ 42.50€
Byredo presents an exciting new collector’s edition of its iconic Bibliothèque scent, reinvented in ..

byredo scented candle Bibliothèque

Byredo's 'Bibliothèque' candle is crafted with top notes of Peach and Plum, interspersed with Viol..

byredo scented candle Tree House

The inspiration for this candle was Kobayashi’s tree house, which stands in Biotop’s courtyard in..

Cire Trudon Cameo Cyrnos

25.00€ 12.50€
- Mediterranean Aromas - The scented cameo wax goes on the ceramic dish of La Promeneuse. Once the n..

Cire Trudon Cameo Ernesto

25.00€ 12.50€
- Leather and Tobacco - The scented cameo wax goes on the ceramic dish of La Promeneuse. Once t..

Cire Trudon Room Spray Abd El Kader 375ml

- Moroccan Mint Tea - A gust of freedom blowing from the Mascara coast and the mountains picks up on..

Cloon Keen Antique Library Candle 280gr

Under the vaulted ceiling, wax-polished bookshelves hold row upon row of leather-bound books, punc..

Cloon Keen Autograph Tree Candle 280gr

A tribute to the deep roots of Ireland’s literary heritage. Autograph Tree takes its name from t..

Cloon Keen Mountain Flower Candle 280gr

Mountain Flower is a tender tribute to Nora Barnacle, the Galwegian wife of James Joyce, whose imp..

diptyque colored scented candle Ambre Cognac

The classic Ambre scent presented in a cognac colored glass container. An engaging resinous scent! A..

diptyque colored scented candle Feu de Bois Gris

The classic Feu de Bois scent presented in a grey colored glass. A sophisticated accord of woods, as..

diptyque colored scented candle Tubéreuse Rouge

The classic Tubéreuse scent presented in a red colored glass container. At dusk, the fragrance of th..

diptyque hourglass Baies

- The irresistible freshness of a bouquet of roses with notes of currant leaves and berries. - ..

diptyque La Madeleine scented candle

The three founders of diptyque owned a property in Normandy known as “Les Lilas”. Once they learned ..

diptyque Un Air de diptyque - Car Diffuser

A new addition joins our extensive home collection. Our novel car diffuser is artistic and sophistic..

Dr Barbara Sturm Anti-Pollution Food Supplement

Anti-Pollution Food is an innovative supplement that protects the body’s cells against air and digit..

Dr Barbara Sturm Repair Food Supplement

Fight Inflammation!Repair Food is a concentrated and potent anti-inflammatory supplement that works ..

Dr Barbara Sturm Skin Food Supplement

From The Inside Out!Dr. Barbara Sturm’s discovery of hero-ingredient Purslane combined with her goal..

Dr Barbara Sturm Sleep Food Supplement

A good night’s sleep, essential to our overall mental and physical health, can be elusive. Dr. Sturm..

Essential Parfums Discovery Set

Discover the creative, modern, surprisingly refined world of Essential Parfums with this specially p..

Essential Parfums Mon Vetiver 10ml

Charismatic and elegant — but surprising — this composition centers around the natural essence of Ha..

Essential Parfums Nice Bergamote 10ml

A sunny burst of the finest natural Calabrian bergamot leaves an impression of brightness behind, wo..
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