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Diptyque LIMITED EDITION Baies Giant Large Candle Indoor & Outdoor

Born of the meeting of two know-how, this candle is cast in a hand-made ceramic vessel from the Manu..

Diptyque Photophore and candle duo

Hand made, a photophore consisting of a blown glass dome and a black bakelite base. Accompanied..

diptyque Scented Candle Fiery Orange 70gr

It is said that in a fight, the goddess Athena grabbed a dragon by the tail, swung it around her hea..

Diptyque scented candle Frosted Forest 70gr

The constellation of the unicorn contains a nebula located at 2600 light-years called the Christmas ..

diptyque scented candle incense tears 190gr

The enigmatic Phoenix who is reborn from his ashes inspired the blue candle, the color of immortalit..

diptyque Set of 3 Holiday Candles

The constellations, these imaginary lines traced in the sky by man, is a story written in the stars...

diptyque Set of five mini candles

A selection of five fragrances to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Feu de Bois, Amber, Pomand..
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