Cire Trudon

Founded in the 17th century, this is one of the oldest candle and home fragrance companies in the world. The Trudon family cut their manufacturing teeth supplying the French monarchy and Napoleon (officially the coolest – and shortest – celebrity fan on the site) and continue to produce beautifully packaged, expertly perfumed artisan products for your home.

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Cire Trudon Candle Abd El Kader 270gr

- Moroccan Mint Tea - A gust of freedom blowing from the Mascara coast and the mountains picks up on..

Cire Trudon Candle Cyrnos 270gr

- Mediterranean Aromas - In its aromatic citrus garden, the sunny Cyrnos villa welcomed the fla..

Cire Trudon Candle Madurai 270gr

- Splendour of Indian Jasmine - The Duke of Tuscany first brought jasmine in India in 1690, a f..

Cire Trudon Candle Ottoman 270gr

- Spice Rose and Honey Tobacco - Through the maze of Constantinople, under the ceilings of a hi..

Cire Trudon Candle Reggio 270gr

- Hint of Citrus from Calabria - Brought back from Indochina in 1828, the mandarin-tree has sin..

Cire Trudon Candle Tadine 270gr

- Sensuality of Sandalwood - When Englishman Edward Foxhall discovered sandalwood on the Isle o..

Cire Trudon La Cloche

Throughout the 20th century, the wedding cloche progressively lost its symbolic function in the home..

Cire Trudon Perfume Bruma

Bruma (“solstice” in Latin) is intrinsically tied to the sun. And to royalty. An icy solstice, Bruma..

Cire Trudon Perfume Elae

Extremely feminine, bathed in light and freshness. The young, white flowers are blended with sensual..

Cire Trudon Perfume Olim

Olim (Latin for “once”) recalls the first four registers of the old Parliament of Paris, including t..
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