London has always been a city of high culture, a city synonymous with luxury. Once upon a time the epicenter of history’s greatest empire, it is the city of great abbeys and royal palaces, the city of Saville Row, Harrods, and the Ritz. A city that has inspired countless works of art and literature. In this vein, the fragrance, LONDON is no different; at once a work of art and a testament to one of the world’s greatest cities. As part of the Sapphire collection, LONDON’s bottle and packaging have been inspired by the grandiose Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The package and bottle’s intricate details mirror the meticulous attributes of the Grand Mosque’s arches and domes; adding to the exclusivity and exquisiteness of the fragrance

Size 50ml Parfum
Ingredients Notes: Oud, Cypress, Violet, Lily-of-the-valley, Raspberry, Leather, Dry amber, Musk, Vanilla.

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