Vilhelm Parfumerie

Each Vilhelm scent has an elaborate founding story. From a memory of childhood summers in a seaside cabin to a conception of early 1900s Paris — its colors, energy, and rhythm embodied in scent — each fragrance is the culmination of a broad, creative and collaborative process. Vilhelm finds its namesake in Jan’s grandfather. A debonair, charismatic figure, he helped inspire Jan’s appreciation for classic aesthetics and early 20th century glamour. You’ll find in Vilhelm a nod to the past, expressed in our contemporary aesthetic and olfactory language. From the dynamic, innovative scents to the heritage design and contemporary prints, every element of a Vilhelm product is personally and carefully crafted."

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Vilhelm Parfumerie A Lilac a Day 100ml

A LOVE STORY JUST BEFORE IT BEGINSIn the language of flowers, lilacs symbolize the first, tentative,..

Vilhelm Parfumerie Darling Nikki 100ml

THE CLUB CODEMoscow in the Eighties. An anonymous door, a coded knock, a distant beat. A rush of s..

Vilhelm Parfumerie Dear Polly 100ml

TEA FOR TWODistance is nothing to the heart: The scent of black tea, brewed just how she likes it, a..

Vilhelm Parfumerie Do Not Disturb 100ml

BEVERLY HILLS BUNGALOW!Chance encounters and bold introductions, first glances and lingering touches..

Vilhelm Parfumerie Don't Tell Jasmine 100ml

WE ALL HAVE SECRETS!She changes everything she touches. For some, she is the storm – the air around ..

Vilhelm Parfumerie Fleur Burlesque 100ml

CHERCHEZ LA FEMMETantalizingly alive in the spotlight of the Moulin Rouge, enchantingly aglow in Max..

Vilhelm Parfumerie Opus Kore 100ml

THE RITES OF SPRINGPersephone had been warned there was a price to pay for her otherworldly love, so..

Vilhelm Parfumerie Poets of Berlin 100ml

A BOWIE STATE OF MINDBerlin, a city that is alive with the same kinetic, magnetic energy that attrac..

Vilhelm Parfumerie Purple Fig 100ml

SECRET GARDENIn the midst of the concrete jungle and busy Rue Oberkampf, a beguiling scent beckons. ..

Vilhelm Parfumerie Room Service 100ml

GRETA GARBO’S ROSE BATHPicture this: Greta Garbo at Carlyle – a superstar who chose herself above Ho..

Vilhelm Parfumerie Smoke Show 100ml

THE JAZZ SOULVibrant spotlights, smoky rooms, the brassy notes of a saxophone: an evocative cocktail..

Vilhelm Parfumerie Stockholm 1978 100ml

GIVE ME ABBAThe right place at the right time, that summer in the Swedish capital: a serene and into..
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