Qi (pronounced “key” or “chi”) means Breath of Life. It’s an ancient word that permeates the Chinese language and everyday life. This perfume is inspired by the Chinese people’s love for the lightest and most delicate scents. Qi is constructed to make no great statement thus offending no-one, it does not tear down any great walls but is rather something more spectacular, like an amazing dawn, a softly-scented fragile breeze,

Qi is an honest, open and natural perfume, it makes its mark for those who don’t want to betoo obvious but may feel unfinished without it.

The “Four Corners of the Earth” collection pays homage to different parts of the world that were inspired by the rich diversity of Ormonde Jaynes, London location. This extraordinary cosmopolitan and ever-changing city is the epicentre - a crossroads from whence diversity can be experienced on every corner. From this global village, Ormonde Jayne celebrates “The Four Corners of the Earth”

Size 50ml Extrait de Parfum
Ingredients Notes: Green lemon blossom, neroli, freesia, Tea notes, osmanthus, violet, heeding, rose, Mate, benzoin, musk, moss, myrrh.

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