Orlov Paris

Jewels of legend for your skin only.
Each of Orlov Paris scents is inspired by one of the most famous diamonds in history. Ruth & Thomas Méaulle have called on the methodical precision of a perfumer renowned for his boldness and experimentation, Dominique Ropion, to materialize a collection of olfactory gems. Each, as unique as the mythical diamond it is named after. As captivating as a lover’s gift.

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Orlov Paris Blue Lili

Named for a blue diamond of the same name, and in tribute to the wife of a famous diamond dealer, Wi..

Orlov Paris Bright Red

Synaesthetics "see" smells… and the Bright Red "smells" like red, drawing our attention and inflamin..

Orlov Paris Cross of Asia

Named for a light yellow diamond discovered in Africa in 1902, which upon close inspection reveals a..

Orlov Paris De Young Red

Electrifying red conjures maximum vitality, like this feel-good formula built on citrus fruits, rose..

Orlov Paris Fancy Red

Elegant and sophisticated , Fancy Red is like a refreshing breeze caressing the skin. Euphoric citru..

Orlov Paris Golden Prince

Golden Prince is named for an exquisite brown diamond of the same name that was exhibited for the fi..

Orlov Paris Red Shield

This chameleonic scent, in turn luminous and dark on the skin, is both unpolished and sophisticated...

Orlov Paris Sea of Light

The Sea of Light is one of the biggest and grandest diamonds in the world. Currently on display at t..

Orlov Paris Star of the Season

Star of the Season is as multi-faceted as its inspiration, the gorgeous 100-carat Star of the Season..


With its charismatic heart of natural vetyver, Supreme Star is a variation on the woody and musky ac..
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