Maison Mona di Orio

Maison MONA DI ORIO fragrances are recognizable for their distinctive sillage and characteristic style. Nature, light and art dictate each of the House’s creations.bThe first mark is the abundant use of natural, often rare, raw ingredients sourced with the most exacting standards. Natural notes are enhanced with synthetic compounds creating combinations that yield explosive sillage and olfactive boldness. Known for her short formulas of precisely paired notes, Mona's structure is succinct yet complex, a difficult approach to composition which delivers striking results. It is the harmonious balance between light and dark notes, the olfactory chiaroscuro, that distinguishes each scent as Monaesque. The melody of the notes reveal an orchestrated arc of the claire obscure, unconventional, richly faceted and completely original. The House’s olfactory stamp is a composition of expertise, exceptional character and daring approach. This is why a Mona di Orio fragrance enchants, stirs and captivates the senses like none other.

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