Upper Ten For Her opens with a sweet, tart note of Isabella grape spiced up with elemi and artemisia, like the invigorating kick of the evening's first cocktail. Rich Bulgarian rose exudes lavish femininity against a backdrop of fiery, festive Sichaun pepper and succulent, boozy raspberry liqueur. A warm, smooth base of precious woods enriched with amber, frankincense and a hint of dark chocolate remind us of the elegant limousines and members-only social clubs that were the exclusive domains of these lovely, lucky ladies. The world has changed in the past century, but for any woman looking for a classic, sophisticated night on the town that doesn't end until the sun rises, Upper Ten For Her is the perfect party companion.

Size 50ml Edp
Ingredients Notes: Grapes, elemi, bergamot, wormwood, raspberry, rose, sichaun pepper, dark chocolate, amber, precious woods, incense.

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