Le Galion

Le Galion Perfume House was based in a mansion house in Paris. It was in this peaceful and elegant atmosphere that the formulas and products were developed and the fragrances packaged. It was a unique place where one was able to smell “rare and exotic” aromas filling the air. Today, once again, the fragrances of the Le Galion Perfume House share the same unique legacy. They are developed with the same care and know-how in their laboratories in Grasse and manufactured in the south of France; the objective being to recreate these exceptional fragrances, enshrined in the tradition of the Le Galion Perfume House.

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le galion 222 100ml

A small bottle of fragrance found in the archives of Le Galion. An unsigned creation dating fro..

le galion Aesthete 100ml

Hidden behind each Le Galion fragrance is: a poet, a musician, a magician. A fragrance i..

le galion cuir 100ml

In 1960, Dior asked Paul Vacher to create a fragrance that had presence and strength, bu..

le galion Iris 100ml

In 1937, the fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga moved to Paris. In the same year, Jacques Fa..

Le Galion Sang Bleu 100ml

Composed from an unfinished formula of Paul Vacher while working on his latest fragrance L'Eau ..

le galion Snob 100ml

During the 1950s, fashion photos showed women with a cold, hard side, vaguely haughty and not t..

le galion Special for Gentlemen 100ml

1947: The Marshall Plan was launched. The French people dreamt of luxury and escape. Roger Vivi..

le galion Tubéreuse 100ml

Le Galion launched Tubéreuse, this most narcotic of flowers in 1937. A creation inspired from..

le galion Vetyver 100ml

In 1968, in the midst of the sexual revolution, Paul Vacher created the iconic fragrance..

le galion Whip 100ml

1953: Queen Elizabeth II was crowned Queen at the age of 27 while New York celebrated the openi..
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