Playing with one’s appearance or remaining authentic? There is a desire to be noticed, into some sort of augmented reality, sensitive and yet humorous. A chypre floral composition, very masculine, bursting with character.
A diverse fragrance in which a soft floral bouquet blends with the density of suede leather and Indonesian patchouli.
Notes of agrumes, osmanthus intertwine notes of blackcurrant and intriguing spices.

Turn&Stare reaffirms that everyone should celebrate their difference and sing out loud in their own gusto.

" A gleam... then night! O fleeting beauty
Your glance has given me sudden rebirth
Shall I see you again only in eternity?"
Charles Baudelaire

Size 100ml Edp
Ingredients Notes: suede leather, patchouli, agrumes, osmanthus, blackcurrant, spices.

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