Keiko Mecheri

Keiko Mecheri proclaims her desire to be as much a perfumer as she is a painter, a photographer, a music enthusiast. Symbolic compositions speak of unsaid and unheard messages. It is a true poet and artist who can foresee the beauty of the intertwined flowers and fine raw materials which have led to her prolific collection.
From her sun-drenched studio of Hollywood Hills, intuitively Keiko Mecheri sketches the contours of her olfactive compositions. It is an alchemical world inspired by her multicultural heritage, immersed in the ambient free-spiritedness, and her loyal circle of master perfumers from Grasse, South of France, the cradle of perfumery.
Keiko Mecheri exalts haute couture perfumery with creativity.

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Keiko Mecheri Cuir Cordoba

A sensation “just under the skin”.A suede-like olfactory texture delicately perfumed with powdery fl..

Keiko Mecheri Embruns

A masculine composition inspired by Keiko Mecheri’s passion for her native Japan.Envisioned as a str..

Keiko Mecheri Les Zazous

The radiant presence of the dandies of Algiers, during the tumultuous '40s Post-War era.A precursor ..

Keiko Mecheri Loukhoum

The notorious original.All the extreme sweetness and opulence of the Topkapi palace, inspired by the..

Keiko Mecheri Mulholland

An olfactive immersion into the golden mythical era of psychedelia and the hipness of the canyon of ..

Keiko Mecheri Passiflora

A perfume from a remote paradise island, an abundance of exotic notes, a zesty green and tangy touch..

Keiko Mecheri Patchoulissime

A reminiscence of the hippie-chic lifestyle, a few leaves of patchouli enriched by a floral vibratio..

Keiko Mecheri Peau de Pêche

A caress of peach skin wrapped in a veil of powdery notes of orris and sandalwood...

Keiko Mecheri Rebel Hearts

An homage to all beings who have chosen their way or no way. Self  -assurance and determination..

Keiko Mecheri Savile

A dédicace to masculine elegance.An interpretation of the mythical Fougere in chiaroscuro that refle..

Keiko Mecheri Sedona Blue

Delicate citrus notes enhanced by contrast of a fresh opening of aromatic note and a darkly splendid..

Keiko Mecheri Tarifa

A journey along the Mediterranean crest that provides an endless source of inspiration and olfactive..

Keiko Mecheri Turn and Stare

Playing with one’s appearance or remaining authentic? There is a desire to be noticed, into some sor..

Keiko Mecheri Ume

The decor is set, a journey back in the era of Art Deco in Tokyo, precious interiors,  patinaed..

Keiko Mecheri Un Jour d´Ete

A lush combination of Keiko Mecheri most glamorous notes, the rarest flowers of the French Riviera, ..
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