A fresh, radiant, and bright fragrance brought to life by the combination of mandarin, and lemon cedar essential oils. The essence of ginger fresh blends with the intense aroma of jasmin and coriander, finishing with an enveloping base with a light touch of caramel and sensual notes of musk.

The Turchesi Collection is a line of  fragrances that evoke the energy, sun and rich hues of the Italian sea. A unique sensory journey in a natural setting like no other.

Each fragrance reveals a different corner of the soul and focuses on a distinctive emblematic ingredient as a reminder of one's unique path.

Only fresh fragrances, meticulously elaborated with new molecules, to intrigue and leave you with a wonderful sensation of well-being.

Size 100ml Edp
Ingredients Notes: mandarin, lemon, cedar essential oils, ginger, jasmin, coriander, caramel, musk.

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