Gritti Fragrances

Dr. Gritti ‘s fragrances evoke exotic settings such as Antalya and Damascus. His predecessor, Alvise, Gritti’s father served as Venetian ambassador to the Ottoman court – and Alvise grew up in Istanbul. His line of eaux de parfums, which feel much more like extrait and reflect Venice’s leading role in the 16th C. Spice Trade, yet maintain their ability to captivate today’s audience.The tale of these parfums, so deftly woven - swarms around Alvise Gritti: Venetian adventurer, alchemist, scholar and merchant, who never let scruples interfere with commerce.

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Gritti Turchesi Collection ARANCIA AMBRATA

A relaxing luminous and vital fragrance thanks to the combination of the red orange and bergamot. Th..

Gritti Turchesi Collection Costiera

This fragrance literally represents the coast – la costiera meaning coast in Italian. Opening with a..
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