GALLIVANT is about hidden corners. Unexpected finds. The uncelebrated. Getting off grid. It’s about finding that new place, the next neighbourhood. Favoured old haunts. Chance encounters. Taking the pulse of a place and drinking in the vibe. It's an antidote to our fast-paced lives ... slow-paced, it's about being in the moment. 
The fragrances are not only about capturing the experience of travel, but about making life easier – which is why GALLIVANT has designed a travel-friendly 30ml nomad sized bottle, perfect for slipping into your bag, or hand luggage.

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Gallivant Amsterdam 30ml

This cosy fragrance captures autumn going into winter.The freedom of cycling past the former spice w..

Gallivant Berlin 30ml

This evokes the concrete and steel of Berlin — and the forest and lakes around the city.Carefree sum..

Gallivant Brooklyn 30ml

It’s non-stop go-go-go. Energetic with a creative and intellectual fizz.Power-walking to a breakfast..

Gallivant Istanbul 30ml

This feeling of an ancient city, but with a freshness, a modernity. An old luxury and a new confiden..

Gallivant London 30ml

It’s addictive, big, small, soaring, down to earth, and done with a wicked sense of humour.East end ..

Gallivant Nomad Set

Nomad discovery setSample the Gallivant full collection of unisex fragrances:Amsterdam, Berlin, Broo..

Gallivant Tel Aviv 30ml

Sun. White, yellow, bright. Gold jewellery on tanned skin. A lingering 1970s glamour. It’s sexy, it’..
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