Frédéric Malle - The Night - Dominique Ropion

“I have been fascinated with the scents of sophisticated people from the Middle East ever since I was a teenager, when by chance I would encounter them in London, Paris, or the South of France. Years later at perfumery school, when I was first told about “Oriental perfumes” by Monsieur Martin, I was convinced that he was referring to the same magnetic scents worn by ladies from faraway lands.

I was mistaken, as perfumes commonly called “Oriental” are in fact scents that have been composed as interpretations of the Orient by French perfumers since the beginning of the 20th century. In this age of globalization, I believe that the time has come for a more accurate represen-tation of the Orient. This is the essence of our latest project.

My desire to seek out true Oriental scents has driven me to conduct numerous trips to the Middle East over the years, as well as to open an Editions de Parfums in Dubaï. Last year it was in this invigorating Arabic jewel of a city that Dominique Ropion and I met to continue our studies, in hopes of finding inspiration for our new collaboration. After returning from Dubaï, Dominique and I experimented thoroughly with the ideas we had gathered on our trip: together we worked to unravel the exotic beauty of the Orient, one scent at a time.

The Night is Dominique’s first composition for Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle that speaks the language of Middle Eastern perfume. In this part of the world, the “night” means much more than the time of coolness in the desert: it is as well the time of love, and the time of stars that fill the Milky Way. The Night is a naturally fragrant world unto itself.

Unlike perfumes called Oud which contain at best a trace of this precious raw material, if any, The Night is built on an unprecedented proportion of Oud from India which Dominique has mixed with a generous amount of Turkish Rose and Amber. The Night is undoubtedly the most precious perfume in the world.

Without question the perfume with the largest amount of natural Oud, The Night has been mixed by Mr Ropion in accordance with his extraordinary refinement and his encyclopaedic technical knowledge. As always with Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle, the retail price of this scent is proportionate to its cost. It is an exact reflection of The Night’s unparalleled richness.” Frédéric Malle

Size 50ml
Ingredients Notes: unprecedented amount of natural Oud blended with generous doses of amber and Turkish Rose.

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