Frédéric Malle

Frédéric Malle grew up immersed in the world of perfumery; his grandfather, Serge Heftler-Louiche, was most notably the founder of Parfums Christian Dior. Malle began his career in 1988 at Roure Bertrand Dupont, the prestigious perfume laboratory. Over the years, he acquired a deep knowledge of the raw materials used in the composition of perfumes, as well as a strong sense of olfactive balance. He is an “evaluator,” the professional term that defines a specialist whose deep understanding of fragrance structure and accords enables him to critique a perfume’s composition.

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frederic malle Cologne Bigarade 100ml

Eau de Cologne, invented in the XVIIth century, has consistently inspired perfumers. Always searchin..

frederic malle Cologne Indelebile 100ml

A clean scent, yet surprisingly magnetic. A modern yet traditional Eau de Cologne that lasts forever..

Frederic Malle Dans Mon Lit 100ml

Blended with a hint of musk, Dans Mon Lit gives one the dreamlike sensation of sleeping on a bed of ..

frederic malle Dries van Noten 100ml

To inaugurate his new collection, which purpose is to translate into scents the world of people he a..

frederic malle Eau de Magnolia 100ml

This time the conversation between Frédéric Malle and Carlos Benaïm was on the headspace analysis of..

frederic malle Geranium Pour Monsieur 100ml

A tenacious freshness inhabits Géranium pour Monsieur. Its composition offers a sophisticated altern..

frederic malle Iris Poudre 100ml

Iris expresses raw classical beauty. Tonka bean, musk and vanilla bring softness and warmth, while t..

frederic malle L'Eau D'Hiver 100ml

Jean-Claude Ellena fuses the two extremes of the olfactory spectrum into a fragrance of a new kind: ..

frederic malle Lys Mediterranee 100ml

As a tribute to this opulent white flower, Edouard Fléchier composed an impressionist, almost instin..

Frederic Malle Monsieur 100ml

The masculine counterpart to Frederic Malle's best-selling Portrait of a Lady. Monsieur, is striking..

frederic malle Noir Epices 100ml

Some fragrances revel in their ambiguity. Noir Epices is an Oriental which spares the vanilla and in..

frederic malle Portrait of a Lady hair & Body Oil 200ml

With Portrait of a Lady's Hair & Body Oil, the scent’s sex appeal and allure ..

frederic malle Portrait of a Lady shower cream 200ml

Portrait of a Lady shower cream, an essential addition that suggests the perfume’s ver..

Frederic Malle Promise 100ml

Word of honor. In the Middle East, a promise made between two people is accompanied by the stri..

Frederic Malle The Night 100ml

Frédéric Malle - The Night - Dominique Ropion “I have been fascinated with the scents of sophistica..

Frederic Malle The Night 50ml

Frédéric Malle - The Night - Dominique Ropion “I have been fascinated with the scents of sophistica..
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