Dr Barbara Strum

From intense hydration drops to supercharged serums and deluxe face creams, Dr. Barbara Sturm is the anti-ageing Specialising in non-surgical, age-defying skin solutions, Dr. Sturm’s clinic is something of a mecca to the skin-savvy, with many (including Kim KW) flocking there for her famous ‘vampire facial’. Packed with hardworking antioxidants and designed around Dr. Barbara Sturm’s innovative treatments, this potent range works to strengthen and rejuvenate at the cellular level.  “World-class skincare yields maximum results with a minimum number of products” 

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Falling in love with your body!This rich anti-aging body cream leaves the skin feeling velvety-smoot..

Dr Barbara Sturm Anti-Pollution Drops

Digital and Air Pollution protection for your skin!Air pollution and blue light radiation emitted fr..

Dr Barbara Sturm Anti-Pollution Food Supplement

Anti-Pollution Food is an innovative supplement that protects the body’s cells against air and digit..

Dr Barbara Sturm Baby & Kids Baby Bum Cream

Soft as a Peach! Baby & Kids Baby Bum Cream (Nappy Cream) is an ointment created to soothe and n..

Dr Barbara Sturm Baby & Kids BATHING MILK

Bath Time Bliss! Baby & Kids Bathing Milk is a gentle, calming bath soak with delicate cleansing..

Dr Barbara Sturm Baby & Kids Body Cream

The Dream Cream!Baby & Kids Body Cream is a specially formulated lotion that uses marigold extra..

Dr Barbara Sturm Baby & Kids Face Cream

Baby Faced!Baby & Kids Face Cream is an intensely soothing rich lotion formulated to protect chi..

Dr Barbara Sturm Baby & Kids HAIR & BODY SHAMPOO

Bubble Baby! Baby & Kids Hair and Body Shampoo is a soft foaming cleanser created to wash the ha..

Dr Barbara Sturm Calming Serum

Soothes irritated & reddened skin!An effective concentrate that contains an active, plant-based ..

Dr Barbara Sturm Deep Hydrating Face Mask

Intensely hydrating & firming! An intensive mask for extra moisture and smoothness. Contains ext..

Dr Barbara Sturm Face Cream Men

Refresh & Detox!An optimum skincare regime should be both simple and serve the full range of the..

Dr Barbara Sturm Face Cream Women

Light up your skin with Dr Barbara Sturm's herbal secret!Dr. Sturm’s unique firming 24-hour women’s ..

Dr Barbara Sturm Face Cream Women Rich

Intensive Care & Cell Spa!Your skin will be visibly refreshed as soon as you apply this unique, ..

Dr Barbara Sturm FACIAL SCRUB

A little help from a friend!This refining facial peel removes dry, flaky skin and activates essentia..

Dr Barbara Sturm Glow Drops

Glow with the flow!Glow Drops are Dr. Barbara Sturm’s latest skin care creation, designed to make yo..

Dr Barbara Sturm Repair Food Supplement

Fight Inflammation!Repair Food is a concentrated and potent anti-inflammatory supplement that works ..

Dr Barbara Sturm Skin Food Supplement

From The Inside Out!Dr. Barbara Sturm’s discovery of hero-ingredient Purslane combined with her goal..

Dr Barbara Sturm Skin of Color Enzyme Cleanser

Foam & gentle peel in one!ENZYME CLEANSER is a cleansing foam and gentle enzymatic peel in one. ..

Dr Barbara Sturm Skin of Color Face Cream

For an incomparably beautiful complexion!This nourishing, soft textured formulation was specially de..

Dr Barbara Sturm Skin of Color Face Cream Rich

Your daily richly textured skin secret! This nourishing, soft textured formulation was speciall..

Dr Barbara Sturm Skin of Color Foam Cleanser

Cleanse & Rinse!Gentle but thorough cleansing is necessary to avoid dermatological disorders, to..

Dr Barbara Sturm Skin of Color Hyaluronic Serum

Intensive moisture & complexion refiner!The active concentrate HYALURONIC SERUM was specially de..

Dr Barbara Sturm Sun Drops

Your liquid sun umbrella!This innovative, light-textured sun serum for the face provides SPF 50 prot..

Dr Barbara Sturm Super Anti-Aging Serum

Strong cure & red carpet feeling!This potent concentrate is an anti-aging cocktail, packed with ..
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