A new addition joins our extensive home collection. Our novel car diffuser is artistic and sophisticated and uses an innovative system of cold diffusion. Simply attach to the car ventilation to start a cycle. Thanks to the movement of the metal grid, it is possible to adjust the intensity of the fragrance to your preference.

Available scents: Baies, Ambre, Figuier, Roses, Orange Blossom, Ginger, 34.

Cartridges sold separately from the diffuser.

Dimensions: height: 7.5cm / width: 5cm / depth: 2cm.

How to Use 1. Open the diffuser housing to insert the scented cartridge. 2. Attach the diffuser to the ventilation of the vehicle. 3. Adjust the grid according to the desired fragrance intensity.
Size height: 7.5cm / width: 5cm / depth: 2cm.

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