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Cloon Keen Antique Library Candle 280gr

Under the vaulted ceiling, wax-polished bookshelves hold row upon row of leather-bound books, punc..

Cloon Keen Autograph Tree Candle 280gr

A tribute to the deep roots of Ireland’s literary heritage. Autograph Tree takes its name from t..

Cloon Keen Bluebell Candle 280gr

A carpet of bluebells after an Irish rain shower.As delicate as the petals of the flower itself, Blu..

Cloon Keen Cuirín Dubh Candle 280gr

Sun-ripened blackcurrants, laced with the freshness of mint, blend seamlessly with rose petals and..

Cloon Keen Fig Tree Candle 280gr

Inspired by local folklore surrounding a fig tree that grows partially submerged in Galway's famou..

Cloon Keen Mountain Flower Candle 280gr

Mountain Flower is a tender tribute to Nora Barnacle, the Galwegian wife of James Joyce, whose imp..

Cloon Keen Transatlantic Candle 280gr

Transatlantic contains a modern mineral cement accord cushioned on well-worn leather. Open windows..
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