Cloon Keen Atelier

Cloon Keen Atelier, founded in 2002, is a traditional perfumery that produces scents using a touch of individuality at the heart of their creations. Its main purpose is to express a single point of view through the use of ingredients rarely used, which are not commonly used in the perfume industry mainstream, with the true spirit of experimentation and creativity. Finally, its focus on individuality is reflected in the way handles their collections. Perfumes and candles are all hand bottled, labeled and packaged in Galway. Cloon Keen Atelier sincerely believes that all its artisans print a personal mark on your work.

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Cloon Keen Antique Library Candle 280gr

Under the vaulted ceiling, wax-polished bookshelves hold row upon row of leather-bound books, punc..

Cloon Keen Autograph Tree Candle 280gr

A tribute to the deep roots of Ireland’s literary heritage. Autograph Tree takes its name from t..

Cloon Keen Frosted Moon 100ml

Evocative of the ethereal radiance of moonlight. Iris shimmers with a cool silver glow onto the ..

Cloon Keen Lúnasa 100ml

A libation to the Irish sun god.  Lúnasa sets vibrant mandarin and lush neroli against cris..

Cloon Keen Mountain Flower Candle 280gr

Mountain Flower is a tender tribute to Nora Barnacle, the Galwegian wife of James Joyce, whose imp..
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