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By Kilian Amber Oud refill

In Greek mythology, the Heliades were the daughters of Helios (God of the Sun) and Clymene. After..

by kilian Forbidden Games refill

FORBIDDEN GAMES is a composition of fruits and spices, flowers and amber; True spirit of temptati..

by kilian Good girl gone Bad refill

GOOD GIRL GONE BAD is a composition of fruits and flowers, a perfume as bewitching as bursts of l..

by kilian Incense Oud refill

By Kilian’s third tale in the Arabian Nights collection – signed by Sidonie Lancesseur who compose..

by kilian Intoxicated refill

No coffee tastes as good as it smells: but this sublime fragrance tantalizes the senses. Addicts c..

by kilian Love, don't be shy refill

Kilian says the inspiration of Love was the marshmallow…a mouth watering treat for sensuous connoi..

by kilian Pure Oud refill

Dark, enigmatic, charismatic and moody. No, we’re not talking exes— we’re talking oud. The rare..

by kilian Rose Oud refill

A strikingly lovely rose made all the more enticing by a drop of darkness. In the opening the rose..

by kilian Straight to Heaven, white cristal refill

Rum soaked and boozy fabulous, Straight To Heaven is pure decadence. The heat of the Caribbean i..

by kilian Water Calligraphy refill

WATER CALLIGRAPHY pays homage to water, the essential element of calligraphy. Its precise dosage ..
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