A good fruity fragrance makes you wish you could take a bite; a great fruity fragrance makes you feel like you already have. The opening of Ten Nine, with its explosion of tangerine and blackcurrant, will make your head swim and your mouth water- and if that was all that there was to this fragrance, it would still be well worth your time. But it's the subtleties that emerge after that initial, dizzyingly delicious rush- a wonderfully bitter hint of dark chocolate, a refreshing touch of green tea- that add unexpected dimensionality and delight. As a musky, sensual base of patchouli and amber emerges, the fruit and spice linger, flitting in and out of perception and always bringing you back to sniff again. Don't be alarmed if Ten Nine makes you feel a bit greedy; that just means you're still alive.

Size 100ml Edp
Ingredients Notes: caraway, jasmin, tangerine, cassis, rosemary, lentisque, bergamote, patchouli, amber.

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