A poem dedicated to the passage of time, Hora Fugit harmoniously blends woody and spicy notes in a fresh, dry, yet warm fragrance that kicks off Atelier Flou's new unisex collection with a stylish statement. Opening with zesty bergamot, fragrant lavandin and tangy laurel, Hora Fugit immediately whisks us away to a bright summer day on the lake, wind in our sails, no cares in the world. A subtle, soothing heart of ambered woods and spices comforts and warms, while still maintaining enough crisp lightness to keep the sailboat zipping along, while the warm and gentle base of vanilla nad musk finds us recently ashore, relaxing in the glow of dusk. Fresh, elegant and cozy, the first unisex from Atelier Flou will have women and men alike swooning.

Size 100ml Edp
Ingredients Notes: Bergamot, lavandin, laurel, patchouli, cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, benzoin, leather, nutmeg.

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