Atelier Flou

“It’s couture!” – This early compliment paid to their perfume compositions gave rise to the name Atelier-Flou. The term ‘couture flou’ is suggestive of carefully handcrafted work, artistic craftsmanship, diaphanous textures and free-flowing cuts. This draping technique does not aim at molding fashion to a specific body shape but rather at unfolding an entire universe around a silhouette. A dress with a flou cut is worn like an aura. Just like le flou in painting which expresses intensity and depth, the flou technique in couture brings to light the possibilities of form in the delineation of form. Flou creation is a magical process as it uses raw materials to take them to new heights. Haute parfumerie is a noble centuries-old craft, the great tradition of which is perpetuated by Maison Atelier-Flou. The master perfumers of Atelier-Flou meticulously choose the rarest natural essences, blending them patiently with unique known-how based on experience, passion and a few well-kept secrets, until the desired composition takes shape.

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Atelier Flou Amarcord

Fellini's 1973 film Amarcord was, amongst other things, about the ways our memories- part factual, p..

Atelier Flou Black Purple

Redolent of a warm summer’s night setting, the Atelier Flou Black Purple Eau de Parfum encapsulates ..

Atelier Flou Eau D'Aviateur

Freedom, adventure, passion- these qualities motivated the pioneers of aviation to take to the skies..

Atelier Flou Hora Fugit

A poem dedicated to the passage of time, Hora Fugit harmoniously blends woody and spicy notes in a f..

Atelier Flou Katana

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Atelier Flou Liva

Some fragrances blow you away with their power, but rarer is the fragrance that produces great power..

Atelier Flou Monsieur mon Amour

Take a moment to enjoy the exquisite Atelier Flou Monsieur Mon Amour Eau de Parfum, an oriental sign..

Atelier Flou Paradis Paradis

The ancient Greeks believed that irises grew from the spots where a rainbow would touch the ground. ..

Atelier Flou Shamsin

If the name of this fragrance makes you think of the powerhouse perfumes of years past, it's no acci..

Atelier Flou Sloane Rose

Sloanes are to the UK as BCBGs are to France, a fashion built around refinement, timeless style, and..

Atelier Flou Ten Nine

A good fruity fragrance makes you wish you could take a bite; a great fruity fragrance makes you fee..
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