AETHER is a chemical reaction in a bottle, a force that both fuels the imagination and soothes the weary heart. It is this duality that will delight and excite those who have grown tired of the art of perfumery turning into a mass market endeavour. AETHER sees itself as a modern pharmaceutical drug for adventurous souls in search of surprise, wonder, and art. AETHER is a tribute to the creators of synthetic molecules, those mad scientists who believe in the power of chemistry to over turn the natural, revealing the beauty within. Each scent is a sort of olfactory Kamikaze, a synthesis of elementary molecules that explode and fizz off into the ether. The nose at first reacts to these unknown ingredients with surprise or even shock, but this quickly turns to feelings of discovery, wonder, and awe. Imagine a child seeing a butterfly for the first time and you have the idea. 

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Aether Carboneum

The dreams of a child: the man in a diving suit resurfacing from the ocean wrung out by the waves,..

Aether Methaldone

He had not given up efforts to synthesize it and had sought advice from the astronaut returning ..

Aether Muskethanol

A semblance of realism: a handful of golden sand poured in alcohol (damascenone) that starts to gl..

Aether Rose Alcane

"Did it ever exist? Has it only ever been harvested by friendly hands this sidereal rose? One coul..
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